The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians are committed to developing the best project for North Salem and the state of Oregon. We are working in partnership with the local community, Oregon’s tribal governments and the statewide leaders to create economic opportunity for all Oregonians.


Why are you building a casino on your reservation land in North Salem?
As Tribal leaders, it’s our mission to improve the community and the economy in Oregon.  Designated federal trust land in 2000, we have spent several years developing a comprehensive Intertribal Project that will allow us the opportunity to build a casino on our reservation to benefit all Oregonians for years to come.
How does the Salem Intertribal Project benefit all Oregonians?

Unlike every other gaming facility in the state, this project will financially benefit every corner of the state. It will give an unprecedented 25% of net revenues to state and local government. Additionally, by creating revenue sharing with each participating tribe, the casino will provide much needed financial resources for tribes, regardless of where they are located.

Locally, the casino will create to over 1,300 permanent living wage jobs and generate $185 million in annual revenue the first year of operation, growing to $231 million by the third year.

Why does the Salem Intertribal Project agreement depend on comprehensive support from other Oregon Tribes?

Partnership is critical to broadening our impact on the economy in Oregon and the communities where we live, work and play. We know that when Tribes work together, we can do more for our community. It is our intent and desire to garner partnership of all eight Oregon Tribes so that we can allocate 50% of the annual revenue of the casino among the entire Tribal community.

When will you start construction of the casino on your reservation property in North Salem?

Our intent is to begin construction in 2019. The construction of the facility will cost approximately $231 million and generate approximately 2,295 jobs and millions of investments in local business support. It is our priority to work closely with the city of Salem, federal regulators and the entire community ahead of breaking ground to ensure we mitigate and minimize any disruptions associated with construction.

What will the casino offer patrons when it opens January 2021?

The casino will be conveniently located off of I-5 on exit 258 in North Salem. The 140,000-foot facility will cost approximately $231 million to build and will home to a 225 room hotel, two lounges, 3 restaurants and 2,000 gaming devices and 45 table games.

What’s the next step for the Salem Intertribal Project?

We are currently in the process of securing Tribal partners and garnering appropriate regulatory approvals.  Once this phase is complete, we will be exploring the next phase of partnerships to facilitate the design and construction of the facility.

How can the community learn about the progression of the Project?

We remain committed to engaging the community in every step of our process to bring this unprecedented economic growth opportunity to life in North Salem. We will be posting regular updates on our website, and sending periodic emails to our email subscriber list. Sign-up for updates.